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Top 10 Destinations when Traveling Alone for the First Time

Traveling alone or solo travel is a form of tourism that offers many interesting experiences and the freedom to explore a new...
Top 7 UAE Tourist Attractions

Top 7 UAE Tourist Attractions you can’t miss

UAE is a confederation of 7 fabulous emirates. Every year these federations have been attracting several tourists from all around the globe....
Hotel Alternatives and Unusual Places to stay

8 Hotel Alternatives and Unusual Places to stay

Hotel alternatives are a great option for both budget travelers and those looking for adventure and some excitement while exploring the world.
Airline Secrets You Should Know

9 Airline Secrets You Should Know About

Are Airline Secrets a myth? every day thousands of planes carrying millions of people travel all over the world delivering you and...
Must-Know Travel First Aid Guide

7 Must-Know Tips | Travel First Aid Guide

We pack, but we forget. Yes, you may have that elegant and complete first aid kit for your next journey, but when...
10 Things to do in Abu Dhabi On a Budget

10 Things to do in Abu Dhabi On a Budget

The largest of the 7 emirates, Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the UAE. With grand sand dunes, pristine beaches, and...
Baths of Budapest Szechenyi Gellért Rudas Lukács

Baths of Budapest: The Ultimate Guide

Last summer, during my stay in Budapest, I discovered a key local institution: The baths of Budapest. Beneficial hot springs channeled into...

7 Things to do in Santorini on Budget

What to see and do in Santorini, below are the top 7 must-sees to visit in Santorini and enjoy a stay all...

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Africa

Before talking about the best Tourist Destinations in Africa, we should know that Africa is attracting more and more tourists lately.
Summer Vacation in Europe

Top 5 Places for Summer Vacation in Europe

Are you looking to make the most of your summer vacation in Europe? Are you looking forward to one of your best...