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Japan's Most Densely Populated Island Hashima

Japan’s Most Densely Populated Island Hashima

Japan's Most Densely Populated Island Hashima On average, the population density of our planet is about 124—that is, 124 people residing on each square mile...

Top 10 Europe’s underrated travel destinations

Who said that only Venice, Paris, Rome, and London are THE travel destinations? Roll-out the scratch-off world map and browse through the...

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Africa

Before talking about the best Tourist Destinations in Africa, we should know that Africa is attracting more and more tourists lately.
Who is the hotel guest of 2020 infographic

Who is the Hotel Guests of 2020? [Infographic]

Over the past ten years, technological advancements completely revolutionize the hospitality industry. As the end of the decade comes closer, now is a good time...
Airline Secrets You Should Know

9 Airline Secrets You Should Know About

Are Airline Secrets a myth? every day thousands of planes carrying millions of people travel all over the world delivering you and...
Baths of Budapest Szechenyi Gellért Rudas Lukács

Baths of Budapest: The Ultimate Guide

Last summer, during my stay in Budapest, I discovered a key local institution: The baths of Budapest. Beneficial hot springs channeled into...
Top Things to do When Backpacking Dubai

Top Things to do When Backpacking Dubai

If you say that you are planning a backpacking Dubai trip, not many would take you seriously. For one, Dubai is one...
Lombok Island

Lombok Island A Soulful Getaway for the Wanderer in You

Racking your brains for the getaway your weary soul needs? Look no further! Lombok is nestled between the ever so popular Bali...
The first Space Hotel will open in 2022

The first Space Hotel will open in 2022

Would you rather book a hotel in the Mountains, in the City or by the Beach? Read the following announcement instead, it's about a Space...
The Green Planet Biodome Dubai

The Green Planet: Things to Do in MENA’s First Biodome

There's more to the United Arab Emirates' wildlife. Contrary to what some people might believe, the UAE is teeming with life, with...