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Welcome to one of the rare places to visit during your journey, we're not just an other travel blog over the globe, we take you away and let you choose your destination yourself, bringing the best advice and tips for a budget travel, offering the knowledge to everyone to pick himself. Keep reading on the articles, feel free to suggest or ask questions, this is what's the internet is all about.

Ayoub CA


The Mastermind behind the website, can't live without travelling, working as a Digital Nomad.

Marie Clark


Making the marketing of our company a piece of cake, also a solo female traveller who participate in writing good pieces for our website.

Sergio Garcia


Music, travel and writing lover, can't stop thinking about the new article to be added to the website.

Shief Hosni


Taking care of our Instagram Account, the Photographer who makes the pictures and images on our website.


We just love to travel, every team member is an indepandente freelancer, no one is an emplyee in any kind of company, we do travel a lot, enjoy the journey and spend time abroud more than at home. Travel isn't just a passion for us, it's a way of life.

Pack your Suitcase

Don't wait longer, just pack your suitcase, prepare everything and hit the rouad.

Take a Flight

Go the airport, ask for the first flight leaving the country and be on it, life is short.

See the World

Discover a new place, new city every time you travel, you'll end up seeing the whole world.

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