Choose the best food while traveling

Choose the best food while traveling

A good stay often rhymes with best food, but it is very difficult to find a good place to eat especially if you land in a country for the first time, and how not to be plucked. A kind of advice for choosing a restaurant in your gourmet trip.

Inquire before the trip:

The first thing to do is to check on the internet before you leave, the blogosphere will help you in this task, in few clicks you can find some interesting places.

Ask the locals about the best food:

Once there you can always ask the locals especially if you did not really know what’s the special dish for the area, locals will indicate the places where you can find your happiness taste.

Do the tracking:

You can also go on your walks and observe the different restaurants, the customers’ numbers/lines out there will give you an idea about the restaurant.

Finally ask about prices, and look at the menus. You can fall on the dishonesty of some restaurant owners, they will double the price for tourist.

Prepare your own food when traveling:

We doesn’t need to loose our budget on fast foods, travel isn’t all about eating out, you can also try prepare your own plates using local ingredients if you’re staying in an appartement.


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