Car Rentals on a Trip and how to choose?

car rentals in a trip

If you are looking to get around on your travels use public transport, otherwise try car rentals, here are some tips to avoid getting lost on the road.

Rental in the city center instead of the airport:

Wait until you arrive to take the car to avoid unnecessary parking fees.

Check Hotel Policy for Car Rentals:

Some hotels do not include parking fees. So it may be well to check before or at least rent a place in a public parking near the hotel.

Book earlier:

As with airline tickets must be booked in advance in some countries in order to get the best price. So just check car rentals websites to get an idea and made your choice at least 15 days in advance.

Price of gasoline:

Sure in some countries the price of gasoline does not break a problem but still plan to rent an Green Vehicle (the eco-friendly car not Green in color 🙂 ) , if it is not for your wallet do it for the environment.


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