Which language for travelers should I learn?

language for travelers should learn

Most travelers ask about the best foreign language for travelers they need to learn before planning any trip abroad, we’ll be discussing some interesting facts about several languages and you’ll know which one to choose at the end of the article.

This is the age of globalization. Whether you are a student, an employee or a businessman, the ability to speak a language other than English will always be helpful.

No doubt, English is often spoken for academic and business affairs but the world is changing now. The non-English speaking countries having strong influence over the world economy and business industries have emphasized the need for learning different languages.


If you also want to learn a foreign language, you must go for it. But, you must choose the language carefully. Often people find it hard to decide which language they should learn. If you are also facing difficulty in this regard, we can help you out.

The selection of the most suitable language depends on multiple factors. You need to identify for what purpose you want to learn a language. Different people have different reasons, preferences and available resources. Therefore, the same language might not be a suitable pick for all.

In order to help you make the right choice, we have come up with multiple possible reasons for which the majority of people think about learning new languages. Take a look at the following reasons and you will get a better idea of which language to choose for learning.

Learning a language for travelers

Traveling is always fun. If you are one of the frequent travelers who loves visiting different countries and exploring their culture, you should try to learn one or more foreign language for travelers. It will help you to communicate with people in foreign places conveniently.

The question is, which languages foreign travelers should choose to learn? Well, if you love to roam around, the following two languages are worth considering.


Passport Control in Russia - Customs RestrictionsRussian is a widely used language. Although it is not easy to learn with dedication and practice, you can learn this valuable language. Even if you are not planning to travel to Russia, learning the Russian language is worth investing your time and energy.

This language is not only spoken in Russia. In fact, if you travel a lot, you will find many people communicating in Russian in Central Asia, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

Thus, if you make efforts to learn the Russian language, it will help you to communicate with people in these states. Breaking this language barrier will assist you to enjoy a pleasant traveling experience.

Chinese Mandarin

Chinese Mandarin language for travelersChinese is one of the most preferred languages that people wish to learn. Although it is not at all easy to learn the increasing impact of powerful China makes the language worth learning.

China has the largest number of native speakers all across the globe. Whether you are traveling to China or not, learning it can be very fruitful for you.

Those who want to learn a challenging language, Chinese is a great choice. It includes numerous characters which make the writing system very hard to understand. However, speaking Chinese is way easier and interesting.

If you want to learn a popular Language

The efforts and time you invest in learning a language never go in vain. Particularly, if you choose a language wisely, it can be very fruitful for you in multiple ways. For instance, if you go for learning a widely used and popular language, it will give you a competitive advantage in finding employment. Besides, it will also assist you in hassle-free communication with other people while traveling.

For those who want to learn a widely spoken language, the following two are the most appropriate picks.


German language for travelersWhether you want to take a trip to Germany or not, learning the German language can be beneficial for you. Specifically, if you belong to an English speaking nation, learning German can be very easy for you. Interestingly these two languages have many similarities. Besides, the German language features easy pronunciation. Thus, if you want to add to your language skills and looking for an easy to understand, easy to speak and popular language, German is a suitable choice.


Spanish language for travelersWhile planning your trip to Spain, you already know which language for travelers you should learn. Spanish is a language which is spoken globally and learning it can be highly valuable for you. In addition to being spoken in multiple states, it is preferable because of easy to understand and simple pronunciation system. If you want to learn a famous language conveniently, Spanish is a great option.

If you want to enhance your CV

Another reason due to which people often consider learning different languages is for improving their resume. If you want to add value to your CV, the following languages can be very helpful.


French language for travelersVisiting Paris or for enhancing your resume, learning French can be very fruitful. The reason is, it is among the most impactful and powerful languages, specifically in Europe and North America. You might be surprised to know that more than 25 nations around the world use French as their official language. Thus, learning it can assist you in finding a good job too.

Although the pronunciation system is not easy to grasp it is worthy of your time, attention and efforts. With practice and dedication, you can learn how to speak and write French. Thus, if you are in search of a valuable option that can make you stand ahead of others, you should go for French.


Arabic language for travelers

Along with French, Arabic is another highly influential language having official status on over 26 countries across the world.

Planning a trip to an Arabic speaking country will require Arabic as the best language for travelers.

The rapidly rising commerce and exponentially growing political impact of the Middle East make Arabic a recommended choice.

Therefore, if you want to learn a language that can help you to get a better job, choosing Arabic can be very helpful in this regard.

If you aspire to learn something unique

There are people who wish to learn a language while traveling just for fun. If you are also one of those who has no particular motive for improving the linguistic skills but just wants to learn a unique or rear spoken language, the following two can be fantastic.


The distinguished sound of Norwegian language makes it a unique choice indeed. It is not difficult to learn but not many institutes offer language classes for Norwegian and you may find it hard to get a good teacher. The interesting thing regarding this language is that it is quite similar to Swedish and Danish.


You might be hearing “Quechua” for the first time (Quechua the language and NOT the sports brand). It is a minority language which is usually used in Peru and Bolivia only as a second language. Thus, if you are among those who just want to learn a unique language for being different, Quechua is a perfect pick.

Final Verdict

Improving your language skills is a great way to boost career opportunities. Not only can it enhance your resume but also add to your communication skills. The languages mentioned above are some of the most useful languages in the future.

Keeping in mind the reasons mentioned above, you can choose the suitable language as per your preference and personal choice.


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