Choosing the Best Travel Camera

Choosing the Best Travel Camera

Choosing the best travel camera is quite different from choosing a camera for any other type of photography, you need to choose according to your needs. Portrait Photography, Adventure Photography need a professional type of cameras. The everyday home camera is something you buy on the go checking only the price tag and some features.

Today every gadget comes with a camera even cheap phones. Sometimes it’s necessary to take astonishing pictures, and this is only possible if you have a good camera. In this post w’ll try to help you find the best travel camera to be in your backpacking checklist.

The photography market offers : compacts, hybrids and DSLR

There are several categories of cameras, the small ones “compact cameras”, slips quickly in your pocket, doesn’t need a professional photographer to it, predefined modes (night, portrait…). It’s really a gadget for the average Joe traveler.

The hybrid camera (also called micro system cameras) meanwhile is a compact camera with a better sensor. Lightweight and offers the opportunity to change lenses, more expensive so it’s for someone who can afford it and really need it.

The DSLR opens the door for better photos with a varied choice of lenses and settings. It’s a little bit heavy especially if you take several lenses, and requires a minimum of knowledge.

If you are an adventure traveler go for the ‎Action Camera‎, the most known is GoPro, offers light weight, action scenes and more. But those camera are limited when taking long distance shots and doesn’t offer the DSLR quality.

What’s the Best Travel Camera?

The first thing to think about is the budget, you should know that compact cameras can cost up to $300, the hybrid/DSLR camera goes up to $1000, while the lenses starts at $100 for a basic lens, can reach $5000 if you’re a National Geographic Photographer.

The most important parameter is Weight. If you don’t mind carrying heavy gears while travelling or you’re just a professional photographer go for the DSLR. The picture quality and results will balance the weight for you.

So it’s up to you, choose according to your preferences between budget, quality and usability. Also it depends on the luggage or backpack you’re carrying on the way.


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