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It can be hard to know where to start when planning your dream trip. How to start? what do you need? Travel planning can seem like a daunting subject with so much information available and, the longer you go away, the more things you seem to have to think about.

Useful Long Road Trip Essentials

12 Useful Long Road Trip Essentials (Plus Infographic)

A trip is not always about the destination or the country but is about the journey. Road trips are fun and are...
Hotel Alternatives and Unusual Places to stay

8 Hotel Alternatives and Unusual Places to stay

Hotel alternatives are a great option for both budget travelers and those looking for adventure and some excitement while exploring the world.
How I Plan My Trip like Pros

How to Plan My Trip like Pros

How I Plan My Trip has been a struggle for long time, lately I developed a methodical way to plan my trips and organize...
car rentals in a trip

Car Rentals on a Trip and how to choose?

If you are looking to get around on your travels use public transport, otherwise try car rentals, here are some tips to avoid getting...
Backpacking Checklist Top Travel Essentials

Backpacking Checklist Travel Essentials

It's always a panic when preparing your luggage, especially if you're Backpacking. It always starts with questions like "Which backpack to choose?" "What to take for this...
language for travelers should learn

Which language for travelers should I learn?

Most travelers ask about the best foreign language for travelers they need to learn before planning any trip abroad, we'll be discussing some interesting...
Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Special

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship: Why So Popular?

The twin-island nation became home to many high-net-worth individuals who sought a new sense of freedom through the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship...
5 Tips to Find a Cheap Flight

5 Tips to Find a Cheap Flight

Choosing the date of departure for your travel is often very delicate and it depends on several parameters. Among others your days-off, holidays, your...
How to Avoid Credit Card Problems Abroad

How to Avoid Credit Card Problems Abroad

When you travel mainly to countries outside the euro zone, you always come across the same problem, should you use your credit card or...
Travel Credit Card Fund Travel Fun

Travel Credit Card to Fund all the Travel Fun

So you’ve decided on a destination, now it’s time to consider how much your adventure is going to cost you and where you’ll find...