Basic Russian Words for Tourists

Russian Words you need when Traveling

When planing to visit Russia, the major problem for the tourists is Language, if you can’t communicate with locals you’ll ruin your trip. So you should at least know few Russian Words before going to Russia. Mostly in case you’re in a situation where no one speaks English and you need directions.

If you’re thinking about the best language you should learn before traveling, check this guide for languages needed by travelers.

There is a difference between Russia and Western Europe, the majority of Russians study English as a foreign language so they speak English, but not as fluent as you expect it to be. People from Western Europe speak good English, also they communicate and exchange a lot in this language.

Here are some phrases and Russian Words you should learn:

phrases and Russian Words you should learn

If you are planning to visit Russia at least you need to know some phrases, if you are planning to know just one or two, the following must be in your list:

1. Здравствуйте (ZDRA-stvooy-te) = Hello/Hi

Greeting in Russian isn’t that easy as you think, this is the formal greeting word. You can use it with strangers, someone who is not your friend or family. If you can’t pronounce it or just forget how to say it correctly you can just use Hi or Hello, most of them will understand this one.

  1. Пожалуйста (puh-ZHA-luy-sta) = Please/You’re WelcomePlease You’re Welcome

This one is mostly used as “please” when asking for something, or an answer from your side to “thank you”. Be polite and learn this easy word to win Russians hearts.

  1. Можно (MO‧jna)= May I? Would it be possible?

You would get an affirmative answer: да (da =  yes), конечно (ka‧NESH‧na = of course), or just repeat the word можно, that means okay you can do it.

If not, you’re probably hear the famous Russian word нет (nyet = no) or нельзя (nelz‧YA = not possible)

  1. Встречаться (vstre-CHA-tsya)– To Meet/Date

If you are visiting Russia to meet some girls; you should know at least a word to ask for a date. This one will really help you if you speak a Latin (Romance Languages) you’ll have the best accent to pronounce this word in Russian.

  1. Где находится…? (Gdye na‧KHO‧dit‧sya)= Where is … located?

If you are looking for a toilet say: туалет = tua‧LYET, the stadium (стадион = stad‧i‧ON), this one is more difficult, the Red Square (Красная площадь = KRAS‧na‧ya PLO‧schatt)

  1. Молодец (Maw‧law‧DETS) = Good job! Bravo!Russian Words Traveling to Russia

Let’s say you are planning to Visit Russia to attend the Russia World Cup, you’re probably need to cheer your team saying Молодец. It doesn’t have same meaning as an English but it’s suitable for that situation.

  1. Хорошо (khorosho) = Good/Okay

When someone asks a question like: Do you like this? Is everything OK? You probably should say “khorosho”.

Finally, don’t overuse Russian words if you are not sure about the meaning. Just get a Travel Translation App or use an online Translator.


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